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Statement of Purpose

Little Cherubs Nature Kindergarten is a family-run Children’s Day care Nursery. Our aim is to provide all inclusive affordable accessible child care in a homely, loving and nurturing environment where each child in the absence of their parents will feel safe and secure and encouraged to develop to his or her full potential. Every child has the right to the highest quality early years education and childcare. The Nursery is divided into three separate groups,

Baby Cherubs (3 months – 2yrs): We care for up to six babies in our baby unit. The Baby Unit is divided into two sections. This allows us to meet the different needs of each child within that age group. The required staff ratio for children under 2 is 1 member of staff to 3 babies. There is always at least 1 member of staff present in the baby unit that is qualified to NVQ Level 3 or equivalent. The Baby Unit is self-contained, but the accommodation is flexible to allow the babies to have both quiet time and messy play within a safe and secure environment.

Cheeky Cherubs (2 – 3 years)Pre-School Cherubs (3-4 years):

The Toddler and Pre-school accommodation includes a large vibrant and spacious open plan area, this is divided into flexible appropriate sections for children between the ages of 2-5 incorporating a book/reading corner, a computer area, small world and construction area with space for general play. For both departments, the required staffing ratio is 1 member of staff per 8 children. These ratios are sometimes exceeded at Little Cherubs with a ratio of 1:6;this offers health and safety benefits and a positive impact on the children’s developmental outcomes. The age groupings are flexible according to the needs and development of the individual children.

Art & Sensory Room

We have a fully equipped insulated and heated log cabin situated outside in the grounds of the building that incorporates an art and sensory room. This is where the children can enjoy all sensory and art &craft activities. This enhances their imaginative and creative side where they can express themselves by painting in different ways using finger paint, sponges, paint brushes, make junk modelling and much more.


Outside play is encouraged, where it is safe and secure. It promotes children’s development and natural curiosity in a fun and stimulating way. Our curriculum includes activities that will help children develop their cognitive, social, and motor abilities using the six areas of learning

· Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity

· Language, literacy and communication skills

· Mathematical development

· Knowledge and understanding of the world

· Physical development

· Creative development

Care Plans

You can be confident that we will nurture & support your child as they grow. We will support your child’s individual needs most effectively by working with you to create a care plan. The care plan will include all sorts of information such as their sleep pattern, favourite games, allergies etc. and we will update their care plan as it changes.

At the end of each session one of your child’s key people should be there to tell you all about their day.  Children have a daily report sheet to take home so you can read about activities they have enjoyed, how much they have eaten, what time they had nappy changes etc. 

Your child will have their own portfolio for observations, artwork and photos, so you can share all their ‘best bits’!  Your child will continually add to their portfolio and when your child leaves it will be yours to keep

Times and opening hours

.We care for children from the age of three months up to 8yrs. We open at 7.45am and close at 17.45.00pm from Monday to Friday all year with the exception of Christmas, New Year TT week and all bank holidays.


Details of our Current Sessional fees are on our Pricing page here

All our fees are fully inclusive of nappies, barrier creams & wipes, sunscreen, snacks and drinks. No refunds will be made if meals are not taken up.


Our preferred minimum requirement that your child attends is at least 2 sessions on different days per week. This is to ensure that they benefit the most from their time at Nursery and are able to break into the friendship groups.


The meals, including a 2 course Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, will be, provided for your children are both healthy and nutritious and we cater for both vegetarian and other forms of dietary requirements. Copies of our nutritionally balanced Lunch and afternoon snack Menus are on prominent display in the Nursery for parents to see at any time.

Breakfast is served between 8.00am-9.00am

Lunch is provided daily, served between 11.00 and 12.00pm Inclusive of a dessert and drink. 
An afternoon snack is provided at 2.00pm

Please do not send your child to nursery with drinks or sweets as we provide drink freely throughout the day.

Terms and conditions

Please click here to read Little Cherubs Nature Kindergarten Terms & Conditions


Little Cherubs Admissions Policy is in place to ensure parents and team members understand the process for the allocation of places within the nursery. We ensure that our admissions practice provides for those with special needs. Little Cherubs offers full and part time childcare provision and will where possible, accommodate parental requests for additional sessions and one off placements and will be as flexible and as responsive as possible. Parents must complete a registration form and agree to the nursery terms & conditions. These forms provide the nursery with personal details relating to the child, For example, name, date of birth, address, emergency contact details, collection arrangements, contact details for parents, parental responsibilities, dietary requirements, allergies, doctor’s contact details, health visitor details, contact details of other professionals involved with the family, parental consent, fees and sessions. A settling in period and start date will be agree with parents.

  • Places will be offered on availability basis, reflecting the sessions required and the age of the child.
  • If we are unable to meet your request for the sessions required alternative sessions will be offered if available.
  • If the alternatives offered are not suitable, you will be given the option of joining the waiting list. If a parent chooses to join the waiting list, we retain the full registration fee, however a parent can choose to come off the waiting list at any time and when they do the registration fee is refunded in full.
  • The waiting list is reviewed on regular basis and places will be allocated as soon as a suitable vacancy arises.
  • Children who have a sibling already attending a Little Cherubs Nature Kindergarten will be given priority.
  • Little Cherubs is an Equal Opportunities provider which is reflected in our Admissions Policy.

Sessions are allocated in the following priority order –

1. Siblings of a current child

2. Full time places

3. Extra sessions for a current child

4. Full time places

5. Siblings of a previous customer

6. Part time places

Providing Feedback to parents/carers on the quality of care given to children

We welcome and encourage parental involvement, Questionnaires will distributed on an annual basis. These are evaluated and discussed and we endeavour to action any comments and suggestions. Regular newsletter from us will contain information about up and coming events, planning, changes to the nursery and fundraising events. Information will also be displayed on the parents/carers notice board. Little Cherubs staff will endeavour to liaise with parents daily about their child/children’s progress.

Emergency procedures

The relevant fire authority have inspected the premises and completed a fire risk assessment. This allows us to prepare through regular fire drills, fire safety checks and training for any emergencies that may occur. All members of staff are very familiar with our fire policy and in the event of a fire all members of staff and children will follow the fire drill procedures and roll call. These procedures are visibly located on each floor and adjacent to all fire exists.


The children’s safety is of extreme importance to us and we operate many procedures to ensure this is maintained. Parents can be sure their children will be safe with us.

A child will not be allowed to leave nursery with anyone except the named people on our collections application form. If parents make alternative arrangements, by phone, the nursery will require the name, address and telephone number of the chosen guardian and they will require proof of identity, on arrival.


Please click here for a list of our nursery policies.

An emergency is an event which threatens to disrupt the normal running of the Nursery. This includes fire, burglary, incidents, accidents, infectious diseases, electrical, gas or water emergencies and adverse weather conditions. The nursery’s policies and procedures are drawn up in line with the Minimum Standards and regulations of our governing bodies. They are essential for the smooth running of the nursery and welfare of the children, staff, parents/ carers and visitors. Please familiarise yourself with all these. They are available for you to view during nursery opening hours. If any of these emergencies impact on the ability for the nursery to operate we will contact parents via whatever reliable source of communication available given to us by parents.


We adopt a very strict policy and procedure involving the administration of medicine. A copy of our Administration of Medicines policy and procedure will be provided for you to view prior to your child registering with us.


We request that you DO NOT bring your child to the Nursery should they feel unwell for the safe protection of our staff and all of the children in our care. In the event that your child should become ill during the day, the Nursery staff will comfort your child and inform you as soon as it is necessary to do so.  If we inform you that your child is unwell we will ask that you make arrangements to collect your child as soon as possible. A copy of our exclusion periods for childhood illnesses is included in our illness policy.

Complaints made by parents and staff

If you have any complaints, regarding Little Cherubs Kindergarten or any concerns that you would like to discuss please make an appointment to speak in the first instance with our nursery manager or for staff the nursery owner. All complaints are taken seriously and will be dealt with immediately and kept strictly confidential. If the complaint cannot be resolved a complaints form will be completed and submitted detailing the nature of the complaint signed by you and the manager and forwarded to the relevant department.

If the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact Child Day Care Registrations and Inspections Department at, Markwell House, Douglas.

Procedures for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

It is the responsibility of all adults who care for children to protect them from harm. We have a duty to take reasonable action to ensure the welfare and safety of all children and vulnerable adults. If we feel at any time we have a cause for concern that a child in our care or an adult that may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse we will follow the nurseries child protection procedure for Safe Guarding Children and Vulnerable Adults and will inform the on call duty social worker of our concerns. This may also involve a visit to the home by a social worker. The Children Act 1989 lays a duty upon Social Services to investigate if it believes that a child may be suffering significant harm. The four categories of significant harm are;

  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse

All staff will by checked for criminal offences under the rehabilitation of offenders act prior to their employment with us. Staff are vetted to meet stringent requirements prior to starting work at Little Cherubs. Satisfactory references from the most recent former employers and Disclosure and Barring Service checks are obtained for each member of staff we employ.

Arrangements made for children to engage in their chosen faith

At Little Cherubs we believe a positive approach to understanding religious beliefs is part of good practice in working with children. Religion is an important part of identity for many families and we ensure our children never feel excluded because of their religion or beliefs, or be made to participate in activities associated with a religion to which they do not belong to. Religious traditions are important in many children’s lives and often feature in childcare learning activities. Celebration of traditional festivals and events make children aware of the wider world which can be very enriching; however please consult with our nursery staff, regarding your views about whether your child should participate in any organised celebrations associated with a religion to which they do not belong as we wish ensure at Little Cherubs we are respecting your own traditions and faith.

Privacy, Dignity, Independence and choice

Intimate care is as any activity required to meet the personal care needs of each individual child. At Little Cherubs we will always respect dignity and privacy and promote independence and give choice where possible. To enable us to do this parents have a responsibility to advise staff of the intimate care needs of their child, and staff have a responsibility to work in partnership with children and parents. Intimate care can include, Feeding, Oral care, Washing, Dressing/undressing, Toileting and Photographs

Principles upon which our Guidelines are based:

Every child has the right to be safe.

Every child has the right to personal privacy.

Every child has the right to be valued as an individual.

Every child has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Every child has the right to Independence and choice


It is never acceptable for our staff or children to face, or witness, verbal or physical abuse and we therefore reserve the right to refuse entry to the building to anyone we believe may cause upset or disturbance. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at any given time.

Equal Opportunities

Little Cherubs Kindergarten takes an equal opportunities approach and will not discriminate with regard to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability


We operate a strict non-smoking policy in the nursery and the grounds of the nursery

Personal belongings

Little Cherubs Kindergarten cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any child’s personal belongings, although we will take great care to ensure this does not happen. Parents are advised not to bring toys from home as the nursery has numerous toys suitable for all age groups.

The Nursery Statement of Purpose is reviewed on an annual basis or as and when there are changes in the nursery