Apply for pre-school vouchers


Our Current Sessional fees:


7.45am – 5.45pm
inc. Breakfast 8.30am – 5.45pm
inc. Breakfast

7.45am – 4.00pm

9.00am – 4.00pm

9 months to 2 years
£50.50 £49.50 £48.50 N/A
2 – 5 years
£42.95 £41.50 £39.95 N/A


*** For Term-time sessions only, please enquire ***

All our fees are fully inclusive of food, drinks, snacks, nappies, barrier creams & wipes, sunscreen, and more. – Please see our what’s included page for further details. No refunds will be made if meals or nappies are not taken up.

Little Cherubs accepts government preschool vouchers.

We have added the Government link to their online application form, for your convenience.


Registration Fee

There is a registration fee of £300.00 payable when you apply for a place for your child at Little Cherubs. This covers initial administration costs and entitles your child to free waterproofs for outings. £50 of this is non-refundable and the other £250 will be refunded on payment of your child’s first bill.


*Please Note: We are no longer offering just Morning or Afternoon sessions for babies 3 months – 2 years old and children 2 -5 years old.

We have made this decision after careful consideration, finding that having children leave or arrive during the early part of the afternoon makes our trips and outings very difficult to manage. We feel that removing these time constraints will allow us to offer extended periods of quality outdoor time and possibly increase the areas which we are able to visit during the day.

We hope all parents understand and support this decision and are able to change their schedules to fit in with either our short or full day sessions allowing their children to enjoy the many wonderful locations throughout our Island.