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Birth to Three Matters

Long before your child can walk, talk, or even hold up his or her own head, your child is learning. Children’s early experiences affect how their brains develop. A baby, for example, who is exposed to lots of communication, is more likely to turn into a child with excellent communication skills and a large vocabulary. At Little Cherubs Nursery School, we know that the trust you place in us to help educate your young child is a sacred one. We’ve implemented the Birth to Three Matters curriculum in an effort to ensure we provide the best and safest possible environment for the babies and toddlers in our care.

What is Birth to Three Matters?

Birth to Three Matters is a Sure Start program backed by the government. It’s built upon decades of research showing what children and babies need, and is designed to value the development of children during these critical early years. Rather than offering a piecemeal approach, Birth to Three Matters embraces a holistic approach to child care, and encourages providers to nurture each and every element of child development.

The Birth to Three Matters provides four elements for establishing a healthy foundation for early childhood development. These four elements are:

  • A strong child
  • A skillful communicator
  • A competent learner
  • A healthy child

We strive to utilise a curriculum that simultaneously nurtures all four healthy components of development.

Our Birth to Three Matters Curriculum

At Little Cherubs Nursery School, we never do just the bare minimum. Instead, we aim to go above and beyond with each child, in each interaction, and at every opportunity we get. Our curriculum embraces health, safety, critical thinking, and a lifetime love of learning. We’ve implemented each of the four key components of healthy development in the following ways:

A Strong Child

Strong children need a strong sense of self, and we aim to help develop and foster your child’s sense of individuality and her or his self-esteem. We help your child feel acknowledged and affirmed each day and in each interaction. We help your child develop self assurance by encouraging him or her to develop self-sufficiency and the ability to perform progressively more complex tasks. We offer your child a sense of belonging by providing unconditional love, support, affirmation, and play.

A Skillful Communicator

Communication touches every area of life, and we know that a healthy foundation is the key to a lifetime commitment to strong and skillful communication. We embrace togetherness by encouraging daily social activities, sharing, and discussions of thoughts and feelings. We help children master listening and responding by modeling these skills and teaching children how to fairly and appropriately engage with others. We help children find their own voice by nurturing their curiosity and their adventurous spirits, and we aid children in finding meaning by helping them to influence, help, and communicate with their peers.

A Competent Learner

We know that children who make connections learn to love education, and we help children see how their interests connect to educational pursuits. Whether it’s coloring or playing with blocks, we’ll find a way to help your little one make learning-oriented connections. We know that imagination and creativity are foundational skills for a lifetime of learning, and we nurture both by encouraging artistic development, creative thinking, and an experimental spirit. We help children begin representing the world with marks and symbols through drawing and other forms of creative play, because we know this symbolic thinking forms the bedrock of excellent language development.

A Healthy Child

At Little Cherubs Nursery School, your child’s health and safety are of paramount importance. We offer healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals, and we’re well-prepared to nourish babies who breastfeed or drink formula We also know that health is about more than safety. It also requires a commitment to a child’s mental and emotional health. We help children feel loved and cared for, and we strive to help them feel both physically and psychologically safe.

Understanding Child Development

Birth to Three Matters recognizes four distinct phases of development during your child’s first three years of life. This handy chart can help you gain a better handle on your own child’s development, and help you understand how we view your child’s growth.



Developmental Trends

0-8 months

Heads up, lookers, and communicators

During this age, babies use their bodies to react to and communicate with others. They observe and respond to their environments and attempt to communicate with people around them – even though they can’t yet talk.

8-18 months

Sitters, standers, and explorers

Babies become more self-directed and intentional when exploring their environments, and begin developing stronger language and mobility skills.

18-24 months

Movers, shakers, and players

During this age, children make clear strides toward independence and become more adept communicators and movers. Play, particularly pretend play, is a key method children use to communicate and learn.

24-36 months

Walkers, talkers, and pretenders

Pretend play becomes of paramount importance, and children gain increasing self-confidence as well as better skills at forming and maintaining relationships. Their mobility skills are more akin to a child’s skills than a baby’s.

Nothing matters more to use than your child’s well-being. Our commitment to the Birth to Three Matters curriculum isn’t just empty talk. It’s a cherished mission for us.