Forest learning problem solving

At Little Cherubs we follow the Forest school ethos and believe child led play out doors provides the best outcomes for children.

Today we had a dilemma, our slide was full of rain water when we arrived! ‘How can we go on the slide now?’ ‘Where did all the water come from?’ ‘The leaves are all wet’

Their discussion led to them nominating Lyra to be the tester and to go down the slide first to see if she could kick the water away with her feet. So off she went to brave the challenge! She went down the slide and made a big splash but there was still water there!

Isla came up with a plan…to use the pipes to push the water off…they worked with the pipes to try and clear it until that didn’t work so Ethan used his welly to clear the rest. Summer, Dehan and Jacques all had a go once the water was cleared. What amazing teamwork and problem solving!