Farewell and Good luck

A big thank you to all our parents who attended our graduation ceremony. It was a funny and emotional evening and we hope you enjoyed listening to all the funny stories of the children we have gotten to know so well. Each passing year it doesn’t get any easier saying goodbye and it is sometimes hard to put into words how we feel. I have copied an extract below from a letter which conveys the sentiment we feel.

“During our time together, you learned what it meant to sit in a circle, walk in a line, hold a pencil, use scissors, zip up your coat, and be part of a group. You learned your shapes, colours and numbers and much more. You learned what it meant to be a friend. You played with others, took turns, worked through problems, and practiced patience.
You smiled, laughed, and sometimes cried. Not all of our days were easy, but most of our days were filled with learning, exploring and happiness.
Our time together is now complete. I know that much of this year will fade from your memories with the passage of time, but we hope that we will see each other again. we hope that if we do, whether you are 7 or 27, we can look at one another with a smile and remember that Once Upon a Time, you were 5, and Once Upon a Time, we were your teacher’s”

Good luck, we will miss you all xxx

The end of one chapter and the start of another.

Nearly 7 years of Little Cherubs. We will miss you all very much and can't thank you enough. You prepared both Bella and Austin for big school just perfectly and we will always be grateful. Good luck with your future cherubs. Xxx Ps Miss Jade's cake was a hugeeee hit!

Parents of Bella and Austin


Parents of Bella and Austin