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Settling in Policy

This guide is to give you information on what to expect when your child starts nursery and how you can help.
Starting nursery is a major change in your child’s life. Every effort is made to ensure a smooth settling in process but, we also understand this can be very unsettling for both you and your child who may not have had any significant time apart.

Evidence has shown the more sessions your child has at nursery the quicker the settling process becomes. Our policy is a minimum of 3 unaccompanied settling in sessions. These sessions are organised at different times of the day so that you and your child can experience the different routines.

Don’t pretend it’s not happening. The more you talk about nursery, the easier it will be. Walk past the premises so your child knows where he/she is going, talk excitingly to your child about what they will be doing there.

Getting used to separation
If your child isn’t used to being apart from you it can take up to 3 weeks for your child to settle depending upon how many sessions your child has. Children have no concept of time and will not understand that you may only be apart for a short time. You may feel that tears mean your child is unhappy at nursery but, usually, the opposite is the case. The tears are just for you. Children soon stop crying once you have left the nursery as they become occupied with activities and others around them. However, do not be surprised if your child cries when they see you again! To help you can you can show them our website which has been designed with children in mind. Children love animation and they will become familiar with our pictures of the inside and outside of the nursery. If you are concerned you can call the nursery to check your child throughout the day.

Sleeping patterns will change when your child starts nursery. There are specific quiet times for your child to rest which may differ from your home routines. Your child will typically be more active at nursery and so may be tired when they return home. To help with sleep at the nursery you can bring something belonging to your child in to help them settle e.g. a comforter that smells of home.

Dress code
Dress them in comfy clothes and make sure they can pull clothing down or up easily when they go to the toilet. Clothes will inevitably become dirty through your child’s involvement in activities so please don’t dress them in any good clothing. Please provide spare clothes. Put them in a bag and please label everything.

Little Cherubs prides itself in the quality and variety of food provided to children in our care. There are routines around meal times which may differ from what the child has experienced at home. Every child will be seated at meal times and taught to use cutlery. The food may differ from home and together with a whole change of lifestyle during the early days at nursery your child may initially eat less. At the settling in sessions we will provide you with full details of our menu and ensure we understand any allergies or special dietary requirements your child has.

One of the benefits of nursery care; although I am sure for parents this may not always be seen as a positive; is your child’s immune system is being built as they become exposed to other children and illnesses. Typically your child will be most prone to illnesses during the first 6 -12 months. In orderfor you to understand our policies and procedures relating to illnesses please see our illness and exclusion policy

Your child may experience some anxiety through being separated for the first time. While your child is settling in you may experience attention seeking behaviour or they may be generally irritable due to tiredness. If you are potty training you may experience the odd accident which is a result of separation anxiety. At Little Cherubs we take behaviour very seriously. Please see our behaviour policy

Babies Starting Nursery
If you are breast feeding your baby it is important for your child to be used to being bottle fed when they start. We can arrange for you to come in and feed your child breast milk or it can be expressed and given in bottle form.

You will notice your child will start to use and become familiar with key words used at the nursery that may differ from words used at home e.g. toilet, tired and hungry. In our multiculturalsociety and as part of the settling in process we will seek to understand any festivals you celebrate. See our (Religious Beliefs Practices and Celebrations policy).

Our policy is to make the whole settling in process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions please talk to your childs nursery key worker who will be happy to assist.