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Emergency Procedures

The relevant fire authority have inspected the premises and completed a fire risk assessment.

This allows us to prepare through regular fire drills, fire safety checks and training for any emergencies that may occur. All members of staff are very familiar with our fire policy and in the event of a fire all members of staff and children will follow the fire drill procedures and roll call.

These procedures are visibly located on each floor and adjacent to all fire exists.


An emergency is an event which threatens to disrupt the normal running of the Nursery.

This includes:

  • fire
  • burglary
  • incidents
  • accidents
  • infectious diseases
  • electrical
  • gas or water emergencies
  • and adverse weather conditions.

The nursery’s policies and procedures are drawn up in line with the Minimum

Standards and regulations of our governing bodies. They are essential for the smooth running of the nursery and welfare of the children, staff, parents/ carers and visitors. Please familiarise yourself with all these.

They are available for you to view during nursery opening hours.  If any of these emergencies impact on the ability for the nursery to operate we will contact parents via whatever reliable source of communication available given to us by parents.