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Parents/Guardians should always inform the nursery when someone other than themselves will be collecting their child. Should the Parents/Guardians omit to inform the nursery, their child will not be released until the Parents/Guardians can be contacted?


Children will only be released to persons authorised to do so by their Parents/Guardians. Parents/Guardians will be required on the admissions enrollment form, to provide the nursery with information of persons allowed to collect their child. This will be in the way of the person’s name, address and contact telephone numbers and will also be asked to provide photographic evidence on collection. If photographic evidence is not available, Parents/Guardians should provide the nursery with a password that is only known to the nursery, themselves and the person collecting their child.


In addition to this policy, any person arriving to collect a child who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to take the child from the nursery and the main Guardian will be informed.


Should a person arrive to collect a child/children, who is not known to the staff member attending the door, they will not be allowed entry to the nursery until the person is identified as being the named person on the admissions enrollment form or known to the nursery by a staff member. If in the event that neither of these conditions can be satisfied the nursery/deputy manager will contact the parent/guardian.

Parents/Guardians will be supplied with information update forms twice yearly, in which they can provide new information to the setting. Should this information change between these times, Parents/Guardians are reminded that they must inform the nursery as soon as possible for this information to be added to their child/children’s records.


No matter how persuasive or impatient a person is, you must

not allow them access until you are absolutely sure they are authorised to collect the child.