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Little Cherubs Admissions Policy is in place to ensure parents and team members understand the process for the allocation of places within the nursery.

We ensure that our admissions practice provides for those with special needs.

Little Cherubs offers full and part time childcare provision and will where possible, accommodate parental requests for additional sessions and one off placements and will be as flexible and as responsive as possible.

Parents must complete a registration form and agree to the nursery terms & conditions. These forms provide the nursery with personal details relating to the child, For example, name, date of birth, address, emergency contact details, collection arrangements, contact details for parents, parental responsibilities, dietary requirements, allergies, doctor’s contact details, health visitor details, contact details of other professionals involved with the family, parental consent, fees and sessions.

A settling in period and start date will be agree with parents.

  • Places will be offered on availability basis, reflecting the sessions required and the age of the child.
  • If we are unable to meet your request for the sessions required alternative sessions will be offered if available.
  • If the alternatives offered are not suitable, you will be given the option of joining the waiting list. If a parent chooses to join the waiting list, we retain the full registration fee, however a parent can choose to come off the waiting list at any time and when they do the registration fee is refunded in full.
  • The waiting list is reviewed on regular basis and places will be allocated as soon as a suitable vacancy arises.
  • Children who have a sibling already attending a Little Cherubs Nursery will be given priority
  • Little Cherubs is an Equal Opportunities provider which is reflected in our Admissions Policy.

Sessions are allocated in the following priority order –

  1. Siblings of a current child
  2. Full time places
  3. Extra sessions for a current child
  4. Full time places
  5. Siblings of a previous customer
  6. Part time places