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Arrivals and departure policy

Little Cherubs Kindergarten will give a warm and friendly welcome to each child on arrival and ensure that they depart safely at the end of each session.

  • During the main arrival and departure times an experienced member of staff will supervise the door to extend a warm welcome to every parent and child on arrival.
  • Parents and visitors must ring the doorbell attached to the main door to notify us of their arrival. Entrance into the Nursery is via a magnetic released door controlled by key fobs and push button release placed in the nursery building.
  • Each child’s attendance and departure will be recorded in the register including time of registration. We ensure that only a member of staff opens the front door to welcome you and for you to exit the building.
  • If the child is to be collected by someone other than the parent/guardian, this must be conveyed to the  manager/deputy manager and recorded at the start of the session
  • If the parent/carer wants their child to be given medicine during the day by a member of staff, they must complete and sign the Administering Medication Form (see administration of medicine policy) for further information



  • If a child is to be collected by someone other than the parent/guardianthe adult must be one of those named on the Admissions enrollment Form . Only adults – aged 16 years and over – and with suitable identification, will be authorised to collect children (see collection of children policy) for further information. In the event that someone else should arrive without prior knowledge, we will telephone the parent/guardian immediately.
  • If  the designated adult is late in picking up their child without prior warning, the provisions of the Uncollected Children policy will be activated.
  • Upon departure, the register will be marked to show that the child has left the premises. The time of departure will also be recorded.


  • If a child is going to be absent from a session, parents must telephone or inform the nursery as soon as possible.
  • If a child is absent without explanation for more than three days concurrently without notification to the nursery, the nursery manager will call the parent/guardian.
  • Regular absences from nursery could be an early sign and/or symptom that a child or family may be encountering some difficulties and might need support from the relevant statutory agencies.



  • ·         All visitors must sign in and identify the purpose of their visit.