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By leaving authorisation to "No Change" keeps the authorisation you previously supplied on our Enrolment Form

I/we authorise Little Cherubs Kindergarten to authorise any emergency medical treatment to my child. Every possible effort will be made to contact a parent/guardian before authorisation is brought into effect.
No ChangeYesNo

I/We accept the exclusion periods set out in the DHSS guidelines for communicable diseases in school, nurseries and the work place.
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I/We agree to Little Cherubs administration of medicine policy which I/we have read
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I/We give permission for Little Cherubs Kindergarten to apply sunscreen to my child as and when deemed necessary.
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I/We give permission for my child to participate in our Nature Kindergarten Model. This will require outings from the nursery, either on foot – e.g. walks to the glens, beaches etc. or In a taxi/ car/bus/or coach
No ChangeYesNo

I/We authorise Little Cherubs to take photos of my child for (please select)
No ChangeNursery DisplaysNursery NewsletterPublication in local pressNursery website/Facebook

I/We authorise Little Cherubs to take videos of my child for our website
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I/We authorise Little Cherubs to take videos of my child for our Kindergarten Facebook page
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