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At Little Cherubs Nursery School, we believe in encouraging children to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons. Our building was built 1863 and the first foundation stone was laid in June 1862 in memory of Dalrymple Maitland, a man who fully exemplifies a life well-lived.

Mr. Dalrymple Maitland self-educated himself so he could be the doctor of the poor, he soon picked up enough knowledge to make himself useful in a district where doctors were distant and patients poor. He had one rule and that was to charge nothing for his services to any individual, however wealthy, while to the poor he gave both advice and medicines gratuitously. Being a man of great vigour and endurance, he often walked many miles to visit a patient who was too ill to wait on him,

Born in Liverpool on 22 March, 1848, Dalrymple Maitland lived an exceptional, exemplary life. He was educated at Dr. Steele’s Crescent Academy, and afterwards worked in his uncle’s business. Maitland’s uncle had a strong commitment to public life, and as his uncle’s political career grew, Maitland took progressively more responsibility for his uncle’s business. It was as the head of this family business that Maitland first began developing the business acumen for which he would eventually become known.

On 16 June 1879, Maitland married the love of his life, Frances Caley. The couple had one son, John Maitland, and Dalrymple Maitland was known as a devoted and loving husband and father.  Frances tragically and suddenly died in 1891, shortly after the birth of the couple’s first son. Maitland never remarried.

His father, John Maitland, was the editor of the Liverpool Mercury, which Maitland inherited after his father’s death. In 1887, inspired by his uncle’s example of dedicated public service, Maitland sold the Liverpool Mercuryand began pursuing a career in public life. His first public position was as a Justice of the Peace.

He was elected to the House of Keys in 1890, and became Speaker of the House of Keys in 1909. He was known as a dedicated and effective speaker, and held the position until his 1919 retirement.

Never a man to be overwhelmed by responsibilities, Maitland pursued other opportunities for service while serving in the House of Keys. He became Captain of the Parish of Marown in 1909. He also served as Chairman of the Isle of Man Bank, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, and the Isle of Man Railways. His dedication to the local business community coupled with his steadfast commitment to public service meant that he touched thousands of lives through his business and political pursuits.

Maitland wasn’t the only member of his family committed to public service. Tragically, his only son died on the battlefield in 1916 during World War I. Three years later, shortly after his seventy-first birthday, Maitland was overtaken by acute bronchitis. He died at his home in Union Mills, and was buried at Braddan.

At Little Cherubs Nursery School, we are inspired by the quiet, unpretentious commitment to a good life exemplified by Dalrymple Maitland. We draw on his example every day, and we encourage each of our pupils to pursue an honorable, good, and fulfilling life.